James Adducci showing his incredible winnings

5 the Most Incredible Bets in Gambling History

Nearly every sports fan dreams of winning a massive payout betting on their favourite team. The odds of making a massive profit are low, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Many lucky punters have done just that.

If you want to increase your chances of hitting the big bucks, you should research betting strategies and study up on the teams you bet on. Check out the sports predictions today, and you may get lucky like the people we’ll discuss below:

Tayla Polia Wins £85,645

We all know parlay wagers can be harder to win. You need to predict more outcomes correctly, which can be a challenge. However, punters love these bets because they can offer massive payouts on small stakes.

Tayla Polia knows this fact better than anyone. She won $105,000 (around £85,645) on a $5 15-leg parlay bet. We’re quite impressed with this feat, as Polia seems to be an expert on American football.

Learning about parlay wagers may be your key to sports betting success. With enough knowledge, maybe you can be as lucky as Polia.

Billy Walters Places £2.8 Million Wager And Wins

You may know Billy Walters for his famous poker career. However, you may not have heard about his major success as a sports punter. Whether at the casino or the sports book, Walters loves taking risks.

He placed a massive $3.5 million (about £2.8 million) bet on the New Orleans Saints during the 2010 Super Bowl. The underdogs came out on top, bagging Walters a massive payout.

Richard Hopkins Wins £125,000

Richard Hopkins caught on early to Lewis Hamilton’s prowess behind the wheel. In 1998, Hopkins placed three separate wagers on him after watching him compete against his son in a go-kart race.

Hopkins predicted that the 13-year-old driver would win a Formula1 GP before he turned 23 and become World Champion by 25. Hamilton bagged Hopkins £40,000 by winning the Canadian Grand Prix in 2007 and £50,000 in the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008.

Peter Edwards Wins £125,000

Peter Edwards believed highly in his grandson’s abilities. Harry Wilson proved that belief at just 16 years old, becoming a famous football player. It seems Edwards had a sports crystal ball because he placed a bet 15 years before Wilson’s success. When Wilson became a Welsh football player, he won his grandpa a whopping £125,000.

While sports players aren’t allowed to bet for themselves, there are no rules saying family members can’t place wagers on them. Additionally, no one could claim Edwards cheated the system since he placed his bet so many years before his grandson’s success.

James Adducci Wins £978,799

In 2019, Tiger Woods tied the record for most PGA Tour titles by winning the Zozo Championship in Japan. Woods wasn’t the only one celebrating his win, though. Fans cheered as they watched his accomplishment.

James Adducci was cheering on Tiger louder than any other fan, though. Tiger’s win meant Adducci had won his bet, receiving an incredible $1.2 million (about £978,799) payout.


You may want to try your luck at sports wagers now that you’ve heard about these five punters’ massive betting success. If you study the strategy meticulously, you could get just as lucky as they did.

We recommend picking a sport you know a lot about. Pay attention to factors like injuries and win/loss ratios. Don’t forget to check daily sports predictions from the professionals.

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philippines on track to be Asia market leader

Philippines on track to be Asia market leader in 2022

Gross gambling revenue from licensed casinos in the Philippines jumped more than 29 percent in 1Q22, confirming predictions that the country will be one of the best-performing markets in Asia going forward.

The majority of the first quarter income came from properties in Manila’s Entertainment City, while casinos in Clark made up around 9 percent of this GGR number and those from Fiesta made up 0.8 percent.
Total industry GGR reached P39.2 billion, rising from P30.0 billion in the prior-year period and P34.5 billion in 4Q21.
The country is one of the few markets in Asia where locals are allowed to gamble and prior to the crisis the economy had been one of the fastest-growing in the region.

“The recovery will be very strong and we expect the GGR to be coming back to 2019 levels by 2023,” said Scott Feeney, executive director of GCG Gaming Advisory Services. “The Philippines offers the perfect broad range of the three gaming destinations of Manila, Clark and Cebu, each having its own diverse attractions and having the locals and the Koreans as its main markets, which as we can see now is far more advantageous than Macau or Vietnam, which are heavily reliant on the Chinese.”

Feeney predicts the Philippines will match Singapore in terms of GGR next year and will potentially overtake it the following to become the second-largest market in Asia.

“The Philippines offers better value hotel, retail and food & beverage offerings than Singapore and in terms of pure gaming Manila, Clark and Cebu could all be visited in one 5-6 day trip offering 9-10 major integrated resorts as opposed to Singapore’s two,” he said.

After a slow start to the year due to the spread of Omicron, the Philippines opened its borders to international travelers in mid-February. The casinos were allowed to open without restrictions from March.

Daily arrivals doubled from 5,000 before February to 12,000 by end-March, according to the Philippines Bureau of Immigration (BIR).

Despite the open borders, operators and market watchers are expecting the majority of demand to come from the domestic market this year due to ongoing flight disruptions and a patchwork of different quarantine and testing requirements on return.

“As alert levels were reduced and travel restrictions were eased, we saw a gradual pick up in business,” said David Lawrence, general manager, casino, at Thunderbird Resorts, which operates two regional properties. “This was particularly noticeable when Alert Level 1 was announced.”

He said so far the response from the international market has been limited.

“We are seeing a slow response in this area but as with other operators we expect this to increase as flight schedules are ramped up and respective country restrictions are also eased.”

The Philippines got a new president in early May after six years under President Rodrigo Duterte, who performed numerous U-turns when it came to the gaming industry. He came to power declaring his hatred for gambling, issuing a moratorium on new casino licenses in 2018 and shaking up the online industry.

However, Covid forced a change of heart as the government sought ways to replenish depleted coffers. He lifted his moratorium and approved an omni-channel model of online gambling, which allowed the country’s casinos and gaming platforms to offer products online. It is the only jurisdiction in Asia to do so.

At the time of writing, the incoming administration of Ferdinand Marco Jnr has not set out its policies towards the industry, although he is believed to be business-friendly and no red flags have been raised.

If he stays the course, foreign investment interest in the Philippines is likely to remain strong.

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