Live Roulette

How many numbers on a roulette board

How many numbers on a roulette board

How to Play Online Roulette in the Philippines 2022

Roulette is a common casino betting game. “Roulette”, in French means small round wheel. The traditional roulette wheel has 37 pockets numbered from 0 to 36, while the American variant has 38, two of which are zeros.

How many numbers there are in the Roulette?

No Zero Roulette = 36
Zero Roulette = 37
Double Zero Roulette = 38
(There’s a fun fact is that if you add all the numbers 1-36 they equal 666. We all know 666 is the number of the Beast.)

How to play the Roulette?

Roulette is a table game in which you bet chips on a board that has 37 or 38 numbers coloured red or black. A ball spins from the top of the roulette wheel and comes to rest on one of the numbers, determining the winner.

An in-depth look at the Roulette wheels

The Roulette wheel numbers are arranged in a complex manner, although they seem scattered around randomly. Three primary rules govern the arrangement of any Roulette wheel, online or otherwise:

1. Red and Black numbers alternate constantly
2. Red/Black alternation
High/Low numbers alternate but not perfectly – best achieved by European wheels
3.More than two even or odd numbers will never stand next to each other
4.In ranges 1-10 and 19-28, odd numbers are red, and even numbers are black
5.In ranges 11-18 and 29-36, it’s the other way around: odd numbers are black and even are red.
6.If you’ve ever wondered how many numbers in Roulette are there, the answer is: it depends on the type of wheel you’re playing at.

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Why Live Dealer Roulette Is More Exciting?

Are you love to play casino games? Don’t forget to play roulette online at the virtual casinos because it’s so easy and convenient to get started. Roulette weel is a classic game in casino. The spinning of the wheel, the landing of the ball on a number, and all the thrill in between. Those reasons make Roulette a cult favorite.

Live Dealer Roulette offers that perfect combine between playing online and in-person. Today, MEGA888 will explain why live dealer Roulette is more exciting than you think. Let’s begin!

More Social Experience

Traditionally online roulette is just a click or tap of a few options to spin the digital roulette wheel. You might think that playing roulette or other casino game over internet is a bit dreary. However, is that it doesn’t have to be that way. The live dealer roulette weel offers players a interesting way to win real money. Live roulette dealers talk to you while you play. This also make games more immersive and brings the experience closer to playing at a real casino.

Playing Against a Real Human Dealer

Virtual Roulette is all about playing against a computerized system. Some gamblers won’t even feel like they are gambling when they play online roulette wheel. Thus, live Roulette gives you the complete experience of gambling. The dealers are alive and kicking in front of you, spinning the Roulette wheel just like they do at physical casinos. You can hear the whole gameplay, chat with other players and place bets. And we can still play from our living room couch. What could be better?

Game Variety

There are variety different variations of Roulette Wheel. You are not limited in your options when it comes to playing online roulette. Some of the popular online casinos offer different roulette wheel. Online casinos give you the opportunity to try out several different games, allowing you to find your favorite. Game developers are coming up with new variations on old casino games all the time, as well. Therefore, that’s something in-person casinos simply cannot keep up with.


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See the different types available at MEGA888 Casino. You can try European, American, and French roulette games for real money. Try the excellent live dealer roulette games for incredible realism.

How to Play Online Roulette in the Philippines 2022

How to Play Online Roulette in the Philippines 2022

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games ever. Millions of players are trying their luck daily online. Everyone can play in an online casino from the comfort of their own homes and save money and time.

The Philippines are an attractive destination for a lot of travelers. But how do you find trustworthy online websites? The number of operators accepting real money bets is growing constantly and you will need a guide to find the most reliable providers and the best bonuses.

A roulette wheel consists of a spinning disk with divisions around its edge that revolves around the base of a bowl. A ball is spun around the outside of the bowl until eventually ball and wheel come to rest with the ball in one of the divisions.

Online Roulette at MEGA888
Online Roulette at MEGA888


1. Live Roulette

MEGA88 has live roulette which is very fun and exciting game to play in the Philippines. We provide three variations of live Roulette available to play at live casinos in Philippines; mainly French live roulette, European live roulette and American Live Roulette. You can choose the game version you like to play.


2. Bet on it

Each spin of the wheel provides a multitude of options for the player. A player may bet on single numbers, rows of numbers, or on adjacent numbers. A player also may play colors, odd or even numbers, among others. A bet on a single number pays 35 to 1, including the 0 and 00. Bets on red or black, odd or even pay 1 for 1, or even money.


3. Have Enough Bandwidth

This is very important tip to remember. Due to all the live games are streamed live from a live studio. You need to have a good internet connection to run all live games without any interruption. To check the technical requirements and ensure your computer and internet connection are good enough for smooth gaming. Therefore, you will neither face freezing of the live streaming nor will your connection drop in critical moments.


You can find guides and materials for many other popular online games at MEGA88
Blackjack, Poker, Bingo, Slots, and Baccarat!

3 Different Types of Roulette

To the newbie, a roulette table might look a little daunting. You know you have chips and should put them on the table to place a bet. BUT there are so many options.

Throw in the fact that there are three different roulette table layouts, and you might run into then all in the same casino: American, French, and European roulette. There is also triple zero roulette to consider.

Today, we’ll describe the differences between the roulette table layout of all three main types. However, let’s look at the basics first.

The Roulette table layout

You are faced with a table with 36 squares, numbered 1 to 36, with the addition of a single or also double zero square on top.

You can bet on any of these squares, or a combination of them, linked by the grid lines that form between them – rows, two neighboring squares, four squares, for example.

Further, 18 of the numbers are red, with the remainder are black. You can place 50/50 bets on the winning number being red or black, or odd or even. You can also bet on the number being 1-18 or 19-36, plus on the winning number being in a particular section of the table.

And how is this winning number determined? By spinning the white ball within the rotating roulette wheel. The wheel is made up of all the corresponding numbered segments, including the zero(s), and wherever the ball lands, that’s the winner.

While that’s all well, and relatively easy for a casino newcomer to understand, the variations of the roulette table layout need explaining.

European roulette wheel layout

European Roulette is perhaps the most popular version of roulette in land-based and online casinos. You have the 36 regular numbers, split into columns of 12, and sitting on top is a single, green zero. So while you can get 35/1 odds on hitting one of your numbers, the chances are actually 36/1 when you add the green zero segment because there are 37 segments in total. This is what gives the casino its house edge.

Of course, you can place a chip on the zero and back it at 35/1. However, the key thing is if zero comes in, then everyone who bet on any other number, red or black, or odd or even, loses their money.

American roulette wheel layout

The Europeans always claim Americans like to do things bigger and better. Well, in the case of roulette, America added a second green zero segment, with a double zero this time. But while it’s bigger, this table is not necessarily better.

From a player point of view, the odds in American roulette are worse. Now you still get 36 numbers to choose from, but you also have the two zero segments to get in the way. Your odds of hitting a number are now not 35/1 but 37/1, a significant disadvantage.

One other noticeable difference to European Roulette, although it does not alter the odds, is that the order of the numbers on the wheel is different in American roulette.

French roulette tables

The French actually do the players a favor. Like European roulette, there is only one green zero segment. But the players have an advantage on French roulette because if the green zero comes in, they do not necessarily lose their 50/50 bets (so red or black, or odd or even bets).

Instead, depending on the local rule played, these bets might count for La Partage, which means if zero comes in, the player receives half of his losing 50/50 bet chips back.

Alternatively, there may be the En Prison rule. Here, all the chips are locked in place on red or black, or odd or even for another spin. If you win that, then you get your chips back. Lose it and, well, there’s always another day.

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Triple zero roulette wheel layout

You can probably guess where this one is heading. Yep, the triple zero roulette table layout adds yet another green zero segment, with a triple zero on it, to the table. Naturally, this makes your odds of winning in the long run even worse than the double zero option in American Roulette.

At first, triple zero tables were added, so the extra juice could go to some casino charity or other.

Try roulette games at MEGA88 Casino

See the different types available at MEGA88 Casino. You can try European, American, and French roulette games for real money.Try the excellent live dealer roulette games for incredible realism.

MEGA888 - Online Bingo

Online Bingo Secret Method

Online Bingo Secret Method at MEGA88

Bingo depends a lot on luck. It is one of the purest forms of gambling. The game is the same for everyone, be it a novice or a seasoned player. People from all age groups over the world enjoy it because it is easy to play and also gives you a chance to socialize. However, even though this is a game of chance, some strategies can help you get some wins. With a game of chance like online Bingo, there are no full-proof strategies that can assure your victory. But these few tips can help you increase your chances of winning while you enjoy the game at Online Casino.

• Play at Right Time

Unlike slots, the prize money does not decrease or increase if there are fewer or more players involved. But if you are playing at an hour when fewer players are online, then your chance of winning money increases. Therefore, weekdays are the perfect time to play bingo since lesser players are playing. You can also play in the early morning or late at night to increase your chances.

• Choosing Good

Like any other online casino game, choosing a good gambling website to play has a big effect on your long-term wins. You can also look for the ones that offer good bonuses. This way not only do you win money by playing but also stay safe while doing so. A reputable website is always the one to go for, like MEGA888 online casino.

• Budget Properly

In a game of chance like Online Bingo, it is even more likely that you will lose. That is why it is so important to have a proper bankroll while playing. This way you do not blow your whole budget in one go and still enjoy the game to your heart’s content. Having a proper bankroll is important not only in Bingo but in any gambling game in the world.


Bingo is a fun game to play. People love it because it’s simple and offers them a way to unwind somewhere away from their reality. This is why online Bingo is so popular. People can still play this game from anywhere, and whenever they want to. But even if it is a game of chances, like every other casino game, there are some ways in which you can maximize your chances of winning.

Come and visit MEGA888 to register and play an amazing line of our online casino lotto games.

Online casino MEGA

Should Bet More or Less

The gambling industry was one of the casualties of the global pandemic. Casinos suffered from heavy losses, forced to suspend their businesses temporarily worldwide. With lockdowns imposed all over, none of the casinos could operate for nearly two years. As the future looked bleak for the gambling industry, technology stepped up with a solution. The gaming industry was saved to some extent by the grace of online casino games.

These online games quickly became a rage among the gambling community. Gamblers can now enjoy the same casino games from the comfort of their homes. However, the trend bought with it some downsides as well. As online casino games made it possible to gamble anywhere, gamblers quickly became addicted. They started to lose vast amounts of money, playing continuously. So should you bet significant amounts on online casino games, such as slots, or try to limit it to small amounts?

online casino

What are online slots?

Slot machines are immensely popular within the online gambling community. They comprise over 70% of the online games which is a testament to their immense popularity. For those amateurs who do not what a slot machine is – it is a machine consisting of spinning reels with random symbols on them. All you need to do is place a random bet and pull the adjoining lever. The reels will start to spin immediately on the screen. You can win if the symbols line up. Your payout depends on the various combinations of the symbols and you win accordingly.

Online slots take this popular casino game up by a notch. They eliminate the visit to casinos and let you play from anywhere.

How do online slots work?

The first slot machines were huge electromechanical devices. In the digital era, like most other casino machines, the slots have also evolved. Just like most other things, computer software dictates the operations of slots as well. The software makes use of a random number generator to get to the end outcome. This software is regularly tested by independent expert agencies to make sure that there is no foul play. The licensing and regulatory agencies also periodically check for tampering by the online casinos or players.

The number of lines: The initial slot machines had three reels with just a single pay line. With the digital ones, you can have as many as 1024 pay lines!

Credits bet per line: Online slots can offer a minimum of one credit per line that can usually go up to 100 per line on some higher limit machines. You can take advantage of this by varying your betting amounts.

poker at MEGA-1

Should you bet more or less on online slots?

Now, to win big, you must play all the available betting lines on your choice of slots. The games are designed in that manner and so to win, you must cover all the lines. The denomination of your credits or how many credits per line you are playing is not that big a factor.

However, if you are not comfortable wagering huge amounts, you can take it slow. In terms of return on your investments, every gambler knows that you are bound to lose some money playing slots. Fewer payments mean that you can play longer on your bankroll. Who knows you can also hit the chance of a jackpot in the process if you are lucky enough! Try to play on a machine that offers the smallest maximum bet available. You have more chances of winning by investing your $1 on a penny machine by having all the betting lines and action covered.


If you are an enthusiastic gambler, you must try your luck in online slots. They are booming right now and not trying them out means you are losing out on all the action. Just make sure that you have it under control. Seek professional help if you sense you have developed a gambling addiction.

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Top Gambling Games for Real Money

Playing casino games online is an exciting hobby, side hustle. The variety of games is already wide and only growing in time. To keep you up to date, MEGA88 has selected, what seem to be, the most popular online casino games this year, many of which are the general all-time favorites of online casino players.


Blackjack MEGA
Blackjack has always been at the top of the list for most popular casino games. The rules are easy to learn and the game itself fun to play. Players try getting a total card value of 21 or come close to it, without going over. The game and betting are against the dealer.


Play Online Poker Games in Mega888
Play Online Poker Games in Mega888

Poker has been around for decades. With tournaments taking place 24/7, you will always have a table to attend. It’s a rather complex game that requires continuous learning and skill-building, but when you get the hang of it you’ll never be bored again.


casino MEGA

Slots have a high range of games to choose your favorites from. They are the easiest to play, as you don’t need any real skill and it’s all operating purely on luck. So you have to be careful with your budget when you play slots in tha casino. No need to bet high sums of money, but whatever you put in, be willing to lose it. You can spin the reels for as long as you like.


Baccarat in mega88
Roulette does not require much knowledge. The point is to predict where the ball will land once the roulette wheel has been spun. The stakes could take the form of a specific number value, the predicament of high or low, odd or even and what color will it land on. There are low-risk bets and high-risk bets, the payout amounts accordingly.


Baccarat has a number of variants, including mini-baccarat, punto banco, speed baccarat, and baccarat squeeze. In MEGA88 online casino game you can either make a bet on the bank or the player, deciding which you think will win. Cards are placed and the winning is dependent on the numbers.



Dice as the name says is a game of betting on dice. This game does not need any experience or skill. Small cubes, with dots on each of the six faces of the cube, are thrown and the outcome will decide the winner.

bmy888 net


Welcome to MEGA88 Online Casino

The pandemic changed our lives. But, thank god! We have internet. It’s now easier than ever before to play, and you don’t even have to leave the house. You can still have fun at home.

maga casino

Playing at online casinos can be a lot of fun, and of course, there is also the opportunity of winning some money. It’s also really quite straightforward, even if you’re not particularly great with computers, and perfectly safe, too. Online casino games are enjoyed by millions of people all over the world and have been for many years. Ever since the first online casinos began offering their services over the internet, this form of gambling has grown even further in popularity.

Choosing the right casino is a crucial decision that will influence your entire online gambling experience. MEGA88 casinos vary in terms of features, bonuses, game selection, payment methods, and other factors, but our most important aspect is we treat our players fairly. It’s important to look for honest online casinos that treat their players well, besides being just overall good gambling sites.

Play Online Poker Games in Mega888
Play Online Poker Games in Mega888

1. You are able to speak your language with the MEGA88 casino. A translated website and terms & conditions will make it easier to understand the rules of a casino. To answer potential questions or solve small disputes, you won’t have to ask your English speaking friend for help.

2. MEGA88 has fast and helpful customer support

3. Easy to navigate and graphically pleasant MEGA88 website
Our casinos have highly developed websites. The web design of a casino can become a place for competitive struggle between casinos.


Best live Games

MEGA88 has a great variety of online casinos that offer a full range of casino games that feature live dealers.

MEGA888‘s casino has always been focused on recreating the live casino experience in the best way possible and make it as close to the one offered in land-based brick-and-mortar casinos as possible. Live dealer casinos are among the newest and also most preferred ways of playing casino games on the Internet and at the same time benefitting from real-life experience.

Poker Games in Mega888

The development of Internet communications, faster network speeds, and better computers have made it possible for a large number of players to enjoy live dealer casino games. Over the last decade, MEGA online gambling, and more specifically, the live dealer casino games have become a notable area that is even a worthy rival of land-based casinos.

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How to Win Roulette

The game of roulette is known worldwide as one of the most popular and exciting forms of gambling. While millions of people play it, few understand the math behind it or the implications of that math.

Who Invented Roulette?

Blaise Pascal, French inventor, physicist, and mathematician. He succeeded at inventing one of the greatest casino games of all time.

Roulette in Mega888
play roulette in mega888

How to play Roulette?
The divisions around the wheel are numbered from 1 to 36 in a seemingly random pattern and alternate red and black. Additionally, there is a green division numbered 0. 

On American tables only there is a second extra green division marked 00 and it is largely this that makes the American version of Roulette a worse proposition financially than the European game.

No longer would players be forced to play just one type of roulette. The top Internet casinos offer the American, French, and European varieties, so you can literally feel like you’re playing in a casino in any part of the world that appeals to you.

We’ve come a long way from a physicist trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. Today, roulette players can play on Mega888 and place from any device they own.

Play Roulette NOW!

Looking for a great place to play online roulette? MEGA88 online casino is reviewed a number of sites and narrowed down our list to the best.

Have a look at our reviews and discover the one that offers the perfect experience for you. You can check out even more online casino guides here.