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Pinoy Perya Color Game Description


Have you ever played this perya color game?

You will be addicted to perya color game, if ever played this. It is very easy to play as long as you know some strategies. You can try it in this game. Don’t need to go to real casino or amusement park just to play Perya Color game. Now you can play Perya Color game on your mobile device or computer.



– Select color
– Place your bet
– Click the roll button
• If your color comes up once, you’ll win your bet amount.
• If your color comes up twice, you’ll win your bet times two.
• And if your color comes up thrice, you’ll win it times three.



If you like the game or have tips for improvements leave a review or your opinion. The concept this would work well with pvp based gambling games. You’lll win from the house and not the casino bank. It is better for a online casino. They won’t need such a high bankroll since you win from the other players instead of the house. 


MEGA88 online casino has fun Perya Color Game, live player chat, and fun power-ups.
We put an exciting modern twist on this classic game.

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