The 1995 Film Takes You into the Fascinating Casino Culture

Casino was released in 1995, starring Robert De Niro,

mainly describes the story of the protagonist in the Casino, the operation of the Casino and the changes in the local culture.

The protagonist is an adaptation of a real character
[Frank Lawrence Rosenthal], aka [“Lefty” Rosenthal]
Casino pros and Casino directors.
Based on some true stories, the content is complex but clearly narrated
Bring you into the situation of being in and into the casino,
The movie scene brings the audience into the casino thinking everywhere, and also allows the audience to
The improvement of casino vocabulary, gambling skills and time-cut thinking.

When I first saw Casino, my head was full of
How to win all the chips by tricks in the casino?
How to play slot machines? How to play poker? How to play roulette?
These problems Casino movie will continue to describe
The tension of the plot is the perfect interpretation of the Casino at that time.
Casino is a good movie not to be missed.


Compared to today, the type of casino is different from before.
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