Rounders​ (1998) Directed by John Dahl

Rounders 1998

The story follows two friends who need to win high-yield poker to quickly pay off a large debt. A group of protagonists travel from city to city in search of a profitable game of poker.

The film incorporates many of the concepts of the Black jack game and is ideal for casual and poker players
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The film has a variety of themes and plots. In addition to the superb concept of the game, emotions and scenes are the focus of the film.
The sense of immersion created by the scene allows the audience to have a situational experience, and the guidance of the protagonist makes the friends around him change.

The movie instills the concept that playing Poker is never about luck, you will lose because you don’t have skills
You must maintain your mentality and cultivate the concept and skills of how to win
If you really think it’s all luck, then you’re not suitable for gaming or exciting life.

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