How to Win in Online Sabong

win online sabong

🐓 What is Sabong?

Sabong is a bloodsport of gamecocks. It is usually held in a cockpit where two roosters fight until one of them dies. Online Sabong, or eSabong, of online cockfighting, has been making rounds inside the cockfighting community and many actually are making a living by being agents.

The placing of bets on live cockfighting is an established tradition in the Philippines that dates as early as 3,000 years ago. The gaming activity is essentially placing two roosters in an arena and betting on which between the two comes out victorious. Regulation of live cockfighting in cockpit arenas is regulated by the Local Government Unit concerned.

Basically, there are two roosters in every game, and their goal is to compete with each other for dominance. The crowd favorite is called the ‘Ilamado’ while the underdog is called the ‘dejado.’

🏆 How to Win Online Sabong?

1. Choose the rooster with the track record of more wins.
Basically, you just need to see which color dominates the trend section so you know which game changer to choose for the upcoming showdown.

2. Check the rooster’s form.
Before the race, observe how they fly and jump during this time. You have to understand how to analyze their agility, strength and stamina . Stamina is very important because you have to be sure that some roosters won’t give up after being injured and will even continue to fight.

3. Pay attention to the roosters’ statistics from the announcers.
As in traditional cockfighting, online cockfighting also has announcers. They basically comment on the matches, which adds to the excitement of the battle.

Before the actual tournament begins, the announcer announces the statistics of the matches. These include wins, losses and draws, as well as their current weights. It is best to bet on the person with the best winning record.

⚖️ Is sabong legal in the Philippines?
Yes, sabong is legal in the Philippines. It is a tradition in the Philippines dating back over 3000 years ago.

🐣 What breed of roosters is used for sabong?
The best breeds for sabong are Miner Blues, Claret, Hatch, Black, White Hackel, or Round Head.

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