Super Bingo (JILI)


Game Type
 Return To Player
Chess Game JILI

Bonus Game


  • When you win the two rewards (img & img), you get 5 bonus games. And when you win img, you get 8 bonus games. You get to start playing once the result is tallied.
  • Once the game starts, you always get four 5×5 bingo cards. Each round shows 39 numbers for you to match a bingo.
  • The odds are different in bonus game (shown on the top of your screen).Only the highest reward will be taken in each round (far left)
  • If you are disconnected, the system will play the game for you until the game is over and tallied. You can view results in History.

Wild Ball


  • There is a certain chance that a wild ball will appear when the ball is played, and after it appears, the player can decide the number of the wild ball from these numbers based on 1~4 ready hands with the highest amount of money.
  • After selection, the wild ball will be changed to the corresponding number, and the number with the highest amount will be selected automatically after 15 seconds if not selected by the player.

Collect Prizes and Draw Prizes


  • The game will randomly activate 3 collectable prizes, click the golden prizes to check the progress
  • Each time you win the prize, you will collect it, and when you reach the corresponding number, you will be able to play the lucky draw.
  • The number of draws available varies depending on the difficulty of the prize, with up to 2 draws.
  • When the lucky draw is finished, the collected prizes will be changed and recreated, and the collection target will not be changed until it is completed.
  • The task will be reset if the game is not bet for 3 days.

Free Ballimg

  • During the extra ball purchase stage, there is a chance to trigger a free ball, so that the next ball can be obtained without spending any money.
  • If there is no purchase for more than 10 seconds, it will be purchased automatically for the player.

How to Play Bingo


  • You can buy 1~20 bingo cards per game, the more you buy, the higher the chance you win.
  • If you complete any of the paylines in the chart, you will receive the corresponding payout.
  • Once the prize line is completely covered by a prize line with higher odds, the prize with the highest odds will be taken.
  • The odds are calculated based on the unit price of the bingo card.
  • After 30 balls have been played, additional balls can be purchased if the amount and number of ready hands reaches a certain level.
  • A maximum of 10 additional balls can be purchased, and the payment amount of each purchase will vary according to the money amount of ready hands achieved.

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