Rock Paper Scissor(Rich88)


Game Type
Chess Game Rich88

Basic Rules

  • Click on any of the guessing gesture (scissors, rock, paper) buttons to start the game. If the player selects the gesture beat the gesture in the center of the screen, the mini game will show and will have chance to get bonuses ranging from 1-20 times.
    ※ A tie is considered as a draw. The system will return the bet, and the mini-game will not show.

Gesture large and small

  • Large and small: Scissors > Papper > Rock, and Rock > Scissors

Calculation rules

  • Winning points = bet amount * odds on the roulette. For example: The player places a bet of 100, chooses rock that beats scissors, and wins 2 times in the
    minigames, which means the actual player wins (100 * 2) – 100 = 100
    ※If there is a network break, damage or any abnormal situation, all games and prizes will be invalid.
    (Malfunction voids all pay and plays. )

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