Oasis Poker Classic(AE_PLAY)


Game Type
Chess Game Rich88

Game Rules

  • Oasis Poker Classic is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, without jokers. Cards are shuffled randomly at the start of each game.
  • The player’s goal is to beat the dealer. In this case, the card value has to be higher than the dealer’s hand.
    poker hands from highest to lowest
  • Five cards are dealt to player’s hand and five cards to the dealer. The cards of active hand are dealt face up while the dealer has one card face up and four face down.

The player can perform the following actions for active hand:

  • Deal – the game round is started
  • Rebet – the game round is restarted with the previous bet
  • Call – the main Bet for Call in the amount of x2 from Ante
  • Fold – the cards are discarded
  • Draw – the replacement of the selected card

Card replacement:

The player can replace one to five cards after the dealing.

  • The replacement of 1 card is 1 Ante
  • The replacement of 2 cards is 2 Ante
  • The replacement of 3 cards is 3 Ante
  • The replacement of 4 cards is 2 Ante
  • The replacement of 5 cards is 1 Ante


Dealer QualifiesResultAnteCall
NOPayout 1:1Push
YESPlayer winsPayout 1:1Paytable
YESDealer WinsBet LostBet Lost

To view the Paytable hover over the Paytable button in the Min/Max block.

Call Paytable
Royal Flush100:1
Straight Flush50:1
Four of a kind20:1
Full House7:1
Three of a Kind3:1
Two Pair2:1
All other1:1

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