Monkey Go Go(Rich88)


Game Type
Chess Game Rich88

Basic Rules

  • Monkey Climb Tree is a fast-opening game.
  • When drawing, the monkey begin climb together. Six monkeys race at random to the finish line, and showing the first and second place.
  • Bet on the monkey (No.1 – No.6) who will first arrives the finish line. If the result of the draw is the same as the bet, it will be regarded as winning, and the rest will be regarded as losing.

Payout odds

  • According to the results, calculate the odds and pay the prize:

Example of prize drawing

  • Players bet 100 each on (No. 1) and (No. 5) monkeys in the championship area. When the draw result No. 5 is the champion, the player will be compensated 100 * (17 + 1) = 1800, and then deduct the original 200, the player actually made a profit of 1,600.

Limit explanation

  • When the player reaches the upper limit, a hint message will appear.
  • When player place bet successfully, the system will first subtract the amount from player’s wallet.
  • When winning a bet, the prize money will be calculated and given based on the odds and the amount that the player bet.

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