Ladder Climbing(Rich88)


Game Type
Chess Game Rich88

Basic Rules

  • Ladder game is a prize fast opening game based on Korea ladder game.

  • When drawing, the game randomly picks left or right to begin (divided into 3 ladders or 4 ladders), turn direction while encountering a horizontal line until it comes to the finish point; odd or even.

  • Game starts climbing (left, right), finish points (odd, even) or the number of lines (3 ladders, 4 ladders) to place a bet, when the result matches the betting option, it is winning, the others are not winning.

Payout odds

According to the results, calculate the odds and pay the prize: Betting point Odds
Betting PointOddsExample
Left1.95Game starts climbing from (Left)
Right1.95Game starts climbing from (Right)
Odd1.95Game finshes climbing at (Odd)
Even1.95Game finshes climbing at (Even)
3 ladders1.95Passing ladders total (3 ladders)
4 ladders1.95Passing ladders total (4 ladders)
Odd+33.9Passing ladders total (3 ladders) arrive finish point at (Odd) 
Odd+43.9Passing ladders total (4 ladders) arrive finish point at (Odd)
Even+33.9Passing ladders total (3 ladders) arrive finish point at (Even)
Even+43.9 Passing ladders total (4 ladders) arrive finish point at (Even)

Icon guide and ladder climbing combination

  • Using odd and even, red and blue circle as the finish point (red is even, blue is odd) · put black circle next to red and blue circle to indicate the start point from left or right, and the ladder uses number 3 and 4 that marks in black circles.
    ※For example: “Odd” indicate start from the right, 3 ladders, ending at odd.
    [Combination of ladder] (Total of 4 types)

Table limit instruction

  • When the player reaches the upper limit, a hint message will appear.
  • When player place bet successfully, the system will first subtract the amount from player’s wallet.
  • When winning a bet, the prize money will be calculated and given based on the odds and the amount that the player bet.  

Single area betting limit

Betting PointBet Limit
3 Ladders375,000
4 Ladders375,000

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