Dragon Gate Poker (Rich88)

dragon gate poker


Game Type
Chess Game Rich88

Basic Rules

  • Use a deck of poker card without 2 joker, total 52 cards.
  • The player click deal button and the banker deals one card to each side.
  • The player decides whether to raise and place the bet or folding by looking at two cards on the table.
  • When the player decides to raise, the banker will deal a card between the two cards.
  • Prizes are given to the player according to the prize rules or return to zero.
  • The player decides whether to continue the next round.

Room bottom bet and enter limit

  • There is no minimum entry limit.
  • Players must be holding sufficient amount that the bottom bet *3, then allow to place bet.
  • Player’s account balance will increase or decrease while betting or calculating.
  • Players are not allow to bet if not satisfy the betting requirements.

Winning Set

Winning Set

Calculate the odds of winning or losing base on the card type that the banker deals.

Winning TypeCalculation Odds
Straight Flush101
Failure TypeLosing Amount
FoldBet on the table
MissBet on the table
Hit the goal postBet on the table + bottom bet
ContiguousBet on the table

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