Dragon Four Knives (Rich88)

dragon four knives


Game Type
Chess Game Rich88

Basic Rules

  • The banker and the player each will be dealing 4 cards, 10 seconds of card classification time, the card type is two pair of cards, the top pair is the front pile, and the bottom pair is the back pile.
  • The point of two cards are added together. If it is more than 10 points, count its single digit, and the higher number of points wins; the number of points of the back pile must be greater than the front pile.
  • If the front and back pile are bigger than the banker’s, player can win the corresponding payout; if the front and back pile are smaller than the banker, play lose the corresponding odds.
    *The system will determine the balance of the player after each bet If it is less than the payout of the highest odds, the bet cannot be made.
  • Dealing cards: After the player place the bet, the system will issue 4 cards to the player and the banker in sequence.
  • Organize cards: Divide 4 cards into 2 pile, each pile has 2 cards, the back pile must be
    greater than the front pile, otherwise it is invalid.
  • Comparing cards: Compare the first pile and then the back pile, and the larger point wins.
  • When player place bet successfully, the system will first subtract the amount from player’s wallet.

Card Type Rules

  • Card type: Four knives > Pair > Two none paired face cards > General card
  • Ranking of points:
    9.5 >9 > 8.5 > 8 > 7.5 > 7>6.5 > 6 > 5.5 > 5 > 4.5 > 4> 3.5 > 3 > 2.5 > 2> 1.5 > 1 > 0.5
  • Ranking of Four knives: 10 Four knives > 9 Four knives > 8 ~ 1 Four knives > J,Q, K Four knives
  • Ranking of pair: 10 pair > 9 pair > 8 ~ 1 pair
  • The suits are not compared.

Calculation Rules

  • When wins the comparison, the prize will be distributed according to the player
    (bet amount * winning card odds) of the round:
    * The system will charge 5% from the player’s winning amount.

Example of drawing results

  • The player wins: The player bets 100. The drawing result: The banker is 6 point/7 pairs, the player is 5 points/8 pairs, then the player wins the “General card” + “Pair” odds. The system will change 5% from winner’s the player will finally settle and get (100*2) x 95% +100=295.
  • Player loses: The player bets 100. The drawing result: The banker is 5 points/7 pairs, and the player is 5 points/6 pairs. If the player loses “General card” + “Pair” odds, the player will be required to pay 200.
  • Tie: The player bets 100, the drawing result: the banker is 5 points/7 pairs, the player is 5 points/7 pairs, then it is a tie, the system returns the bet amount of 100.
  • You cannot quit the game after placing bets, please wait until finish.

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