Game Type
Chess Game JILI

Game Rules

  • A classic, famous and fair betting game with simple rules in the Blockchain.
  • Just needs to guess which one result point appears on the DICE and bet.
  • Click the points button [1 to 6], [BIG], or [SMALL] to predict result.【BIG】:4, 5, 6 【SMALL】:1, 2, 3

  • Can not change your prediction after click [Start].

  • Check the result per roll in the [Block transaction hash value] of [Block info] on the top screen.

  • Click the number of [Block Height] to check the detailed statistics.

  • The DICE image as above as an example:
    Assuming the block height of the round is 134569895
    Hash Value: 08055fa769a2b67aadf0eab6324788cabc2845d05fe53670e25279c7b53daf45
    (Appear the first between 1 to 6 number from rightmost is winning result.)

  • The player’s bet transaction block as the betting block. The result block will following the betting block.
    e.g. The Player’s betting block is 134569894 that result block will be 134569895.

  • If img appears that means the result number is ahead of the hash value, due to limited by screen size. Click the hash value to confirm.

Verifiable Fairness

  1. Every bet is fair and transparent in each guessing games.
  2. Every bet of the result is according hash value generated in the EOS blockchain to determine.
  3. The detailed statistics of fair third party can be found via click the “FAIRNESS BLOCK INFO” on the top screen.
  4. The EOS blockchain will auto-generate the hash value and compare it with the characteristics of the game rule to produce the result of every betting, and definitely not external interference can be performed.
  5. All results are based on the final blocks generated of the hash value in the EOS mainnet.

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