Color Dish2 (Rich88)


Game Type
Chess Game Rich88

Basic Rules

  • Use 4 red and white buttons to play the game.
  • Players respectively bet the button color combination, and they can get the prize if the result is correct.
    The bet amount will be recycled by the system if fail.
  • “Even” and “Odd” can only choose one to bet, and there are no restrictions on other combinations.

Payout odds

  • According to the results, calculate the odds and pay the prize:
    Betting PointOddsWinning Judgment Instructions
    Evenx 1.964 red buttons
    4 white buttons
    2 red buttons & 2 white buttons
    Oddx 1.963 red buttons & 1 white buttons
    1 red buttons & 3 white buttons
    Red 4x 134 red buttons
    Red 3x 3.63 red buttons & 1 white buttons
    White 3x 3.61 red buttons & 3 white buttons
    White 4x 134 white buttons
  • Player cannot bet on even and odd at the same time.
  • You cannot quit the game after placing bets, please wait until finish.

Limit Explanation

  • When the betting point reaches the amount limit, a prompt message will show.
  • When the player successfully place bets, the system will pre-deduct the player’s principal.
  • When the player wins, it needs to calculate the player’s bet amount according to the corresponding rewards.
    Betting PointBet Limit
    Red 437,500
    Red 3225,000
    White 3225,000
    White 437,500

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