Candy Dreams: Sweet Planet (AE_PLAY)

Game Type






  • 6-reel
  • 5-row


Candy Dreams: Sweet Planet Symbols pay anywhere in the reels. The game has 9 regular symbols, Scatter symbol, Bomb symbol, Free Spins game and Double Chance option. 
The objective is to spin the reels so that the symbols form a winning combination anywhere regardless of symbol’s position on the reels. 
The more expensive symbols in the winning combination, the greater the win. The required number of symbols to create a winning combination, win coefficient are all displayed in the Paytable.


Drop mechanic 
After clicking the Spin button, the symbols drop into the reels positions and a game round is started. 
Winning combination starts additional drops – the winning symbols explode and disappear and new symbols drop into the vacant places, potentially creating more wins. 
Additional drops continue until there are no more wins. 
At the start of a spin, all symbols from the previous spin are removed from the board and new symbols cascade in from the top of the screen.
Scatter symbol 
Scatter symbols appear on any reel in the main and Free spins game. 
In the main game 4 or more Scatter symbols trigger 10 Free Spins. 
During Free Spins 3 or more Scatter symbols gives 5 additional Free Spins
Free Spins
Bomb symbols appear on any reel in the Free Spins game only. 
Bomb symbol, landed on the reel, take a random multiplier value from x2 to x100 and stays on the reels until there are no more wins on the reels 
When no more wins, the value of all Bomb symbols on the reels are added together and the total win of the round is multiplied by the final value.
Double Chance
In the main game you can turn on the Double Chance option. 
The final bet will be set according to your bet increased by a coefficient of 1.20x and the chance to win Free spins naturally is doubled. 
More Scatter symbols are present on the reels. 
To activate option, follow two steps:Click the Double Chance button to switch the slider to the “On” state.
Click the Spin button to start next round with doubled chance to win Free Spins.
 After click on the spin, the bet amount multiplied by 1.20 will be deducted from your balance but the payouts for wins will be calculated according to the original bet, not increased by a coefficient of 1.20x.


When you are ready to submit your bet click Spin to start the > game. The bet amount is deducted from your balance and the
game round is started.
Displays your account balance. Click Balance to open the Bet settings menu.
Bet Settings 
By clicking the Bet settings (coins+gear) button you can open the bet settings interface and set your bet value.
Displays the bet value for a spin. Click Bet to open the Bet settings menu. By clicking the Bet settings (coins+gear) button you can open the bet settings interface and set your bet value.
Displays the win for the current spin or the last win payout.
Click the Autospin button to open the Autospins settings interface and choose the number of autospins and additional conditions to stop autospins. 
The selected number of spins starts automatically with the same bet value as the spin whereby the autospins mode is activated. 
You may click the Autospin button anytime again to stop autospins. Click the Spin button to speed up reel animation.
Open the sidebar options interface, where you may turn the sound on/off, turn on/off the turbo mode and enter/exit fullscreen. Also located on the sidebar are buttons for: rules, paytable, history and settings.
Displays all multipliers for each symbol combination, 
description of the game features and all information about the paylines.
By clicking the Settings button you can open the game settings interface to change the sound, input and visual settings.



Displays a full description of the game rules and features.


By clicking the History button you can review and replay your last game rounds. Updating the history list may take some time.


Count the number of identical symbols located anywhere on the reels. 

Check the coefficient for the corresponding number of symbols shown in the Paytable. 

Group win is equal to the coefficient multiplied by the bet.

Only the highest win in the winning group is paid.


The overall theoretical return to player is 96.00%.



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