Candy Dreams (AE_PAY)

Game Type






  • 7-reel
  • 7-row


Candy Dreams has 9 regular symbols, 
Wild symbol and Wild substitution, Sweet Pattern and Wheel of Fortune features. 
There are no paylines in the game. 
The objective is to spin the reels so that the identical symbols form the winning groups. The more symbols in each group, the bigger win can be gained. 
The required number of symbols to create a winning group and win coefficient are displayed in the Paytable. 


Wild Symbol 
Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols. 
Wild symbol can be a part of one or more simultaneous winning combinations. 

Random event 

The random event can be activated after any winning spin in the main game only. 
The winning will be increased with a random multiplier of x2 or x3. 

Sweet Pattern 

Some symbol positions are marked on the reels according to the active pattern, 
The winning combinations, that drop on the marked positions on the reels, fill the pattern.
The filling of the pattern activates the Wheel of Fortune. 

Wheel of Fortune 

The Wheel of Fortune is divided into 6 sectors: 
Random Wilds: from 5 to 9 symbols are replaced by Wild symbols. 
Wild Groups: 5 pairs of adjacent symbols are replaced by Wild symbols. 
Winning Combo: 6 adjacent symbols become Wild symbols. 
X8: You win bet x8. 
X20: You win bet x20. 
Popping Symbols: Randomly selected two types of symbols are popped and new symbols drop on the vacant spaces.


Balance – 
Displays your account balance. Click Balance to Make a deposit. 

Bet – 
Displays the bet value for a spin. Click Plus and Minus buttons or the bet value to set your bet. 

Spin – 
When you are ready to submit your bet click Spin to start the game. The bet amount is deducted from your balance and game round is started. 

Autoplay – 
Hold the Spin button to choose the number of auto spins. The selected number of spins starts automatically with the same bet value as the spin whereby the auto spins mode is activated. Anytime you may click the Spin button again to stop auto spins. You can choose additional conditions to stop autoplay in the Game Settings. 

Win – 
Displays the win for the current spin or the last win payout step. 

Paytable – 
Displays all coefficients for each symbol combination, description of the game features and all information about the paylines. Click Info button to open Paytable. By clicking the Settings (gear) button you can open the game settings interface, and change the sound, input, visual and autospins settings. 

Swipe mode – 
Swipe down to spin the reels. Long press anywhere on the reels to open autospins panel. Anytime you may turn on/off the sound, turn on/off the turbo mode and enter/exit fullscreen in the bottom right corner. 


•5 or more matching symbols connected either vertically or horizontally is a winning combination. 
• Count the number of identical symbols that form a winning combination. 
• Check the coefficient for the corresponding number of symbols shown in the Paytable. • Group win is equal to the coefficient multiplied by the bet. 
• Only the highest win in the winning group is paid. 


The overall theoretical return to player is 96.11%.

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