Bonus Dice(KingMaker)


Game Rules

The 3 dice are dropped into the transparent Lighting Tower, and players may place bets on the options of the sum of 3 dice as they come to rest at the base of the tower.
Players may bet on 16 options from 3 to 18. These are all the possible outcomes of the sum of 3 dice.
For example, if the 3 dice land on number 3, 6 and 2, the winning bet option is 11. Every bets option contributes to a different payout, which rangs from 5x to 150x.


Bet optionsPayout
3 or 181:150
4 or 171:50
5 or 161:25
6 or 151:15
7 or 141:10
8 or 131:7
9 or 121:6
10 or 111:5

Malfunction voids all wins and plays


Bonus symbols will apper randomly across any bet options. If any symbol lands on a winning bet it can multiply the payout by 2x



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