Bloody Brilliant (AE_PLAY)

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Bloody Brilliant is played with 20 fixed paylines. 
The game has 8 regular symbols, Wild symbol, Bonus Field, Golden Time feature, Jewels Hunt feature, Fake Stone, multipliers and Free Spins. 
The objective is to spin the reels so that the symbols form the winning combinations on the existing paylines. 
A winning combination of identical symbols is formed in sequence from both leftmost to right. 
The more identical symbols are formed successively, the greater the win. 
The required number of symbols to create a winning combination, win coefficient and paylines are displayed in the Paytable.




Wild symbols substitute for all regular symbols in the winning combinations.

 Wild symbols land only on the 2, 3, and 4 reels. 


The Fake Stone can hide under any Jewel symbol in the main game. 

You can only find it when the Jewels Hunt feature has been activated. 

The appearance of the Fake Stone activates 10 Free Spins. 


There is a Bonus Field located over the third reel.

 In every round of the main game, the random symbol of either a Thief or a Jewel will appear in the Bonus Field. 

The type of random symbol that appears in the Bonus Field dictates which symbols will be used in the bonus feature. 

There are two bonus features in the main game: one for Thieves symbols and the other for Jewels symbols.


The Golden Time is a bonus feature for Thieves symbols. 

The Golden Time feature can be activated in any round of the main game as long as one of the Thief symbols appear in the Bonus Field.

 If there are symbols of the same type on the reels, they will receive Gold Frames. Symbols with a Gold Frame can substitute for other symbols in the winning combinations. 

The bonus feature can’t be activated if the required symbol does not appear on the reels.


 The Jewels Hunt is a bonus feature for Jewels symbols
. The Jewels Hunt feature can be activated in rounds without winning combinations as long as one of the Jewel symbols appears in the Bonus Field. 
If there are Jewel symbols of the same type on the reels, all of them will be stolen from their positions and put in the Bonus Field. 
A mini-drop will occur after stealing symbols; new symbols drop into the vacant positions, potentially creating winning combinations. 
A Multiplier equal to the number of stolen symbols will appear in the Bonus Field. 
All winnings that appeared as a result of mini-drop will be increased by a multiplier in the Bonus Field. 
In the main game, the Jewels Hunt feature and mini-drop can only happen once per round. 
The Jewels Hunt feature gives the opportunity to find the Fake Stone, which activates 10 Free Spins. 
This bonus feature can’t be activated in winning rounds or if there are no symbols of the required type on the reels.


At the start of Free Spins you have 10 rounds, but you can win 5 additional Free Spins. During Free Spins, you need to successfully execute the 
Tricky plan to get the Real Stone. Tricky plan consists of 4 stages, which must be completed sequentially one by one.
Only one stage can be completed per one Free Spin. 
At each stage, you need to steal 6 identical Jewels symbols.
First stage: 6 Diamonds
Second stage: 6 Clubs 
Third stage: 6 Spades 
Fourth stage: 6 Hearts 
The type and amount of Jewels symbols, which need to be stolen, is shown in the Bonus Field.
Stealing of Jewels symbols can happen only in the Free Spins without winning combinations if there are Jewels symbols of required type on the reels. A mini-drop will occur after stealing symbols.
Mini-drops in the Free Spins continue until at least one of the following events 
occurs: The appearance of the winning combination. Successful completion of the stage.


The are no Jeweks symbols of the required type on the reels. 

To complete the stage, you need to steal a required amount of Jewels symbols per one round taking into account all mini-drops.\\


If the required amount of Jewels symbols was not stolen per one round, then the stage is considered not completed and it will have to be started anew. 

For the successful completion of each stage, you will get a reward.

First stage

 Prize: 5 additional Free Spins. 

Second stage 

Prize: Gold Frame, which will appear on the highest Thieves symbols in every Free Spin starting from the current. 


stage Prize: Multiplier x10, on which will be increased total prize for all winning combinations in Free Spin. 

Fourth stage 

Prize: the Real Stone. This is a money prize equal to the total bet increased by x500. Attention: Multiplier x10 does not apply to reward for the Real Stone.

Stealing of Jewels symbols stops after completing all 4 stages of the Tricky plan. 

Free Spins are played with the same bet as the spin that activated them. 

The total win includes any wins during Free Spins added to any wins from the round that activates Free Spins.


Spin –

When you are ready to submit your bet click Spin to start the game. The bet amount is deducted from your balance and the game round is started.

Balance – 

Displays your account balance. Click Balance to open the Bet settings menu.

Win – 

Displays the win for the current spin or the last win payout.

Bet –

Displays the bet value for a spin. Click Bet to open the Bet settings menu. By clicking the Bet settings (coins+gear) button you can open the bet settings interface and set your bet value.

Sidebar –  

Open the sidebar options interface, where you may turn the sound on/off, turn on/off the turbo mode and enter/exit fullscreen. Also located on the sidebar are buttons for: rules, paytable, history and settings.

Autospin –

Click the Autospin button to open the Autospins settings interface and choose the number of autospins and additional conditions to stop autospins. The selected number of spins starts automatically with the same bet value as the spin whereby the autospins mode is activated. You may click the Autospin button anytime again to stop autospins. Click the Spin button to speed up reel animation.

Settings –  

By clicking the Settings button you can open the game settings interface to change the sound, input and visual settings.

Paytable – 

Displays all multipliers for each symbol combination, description of the game features and all information about the paylines.

History –  

By clicking the History button you can review and replay your last game rounds. Updating the history list may take some time.


Displays a full description of the game rules and features.


Count the number of identical symbols located on the adjacent reels starting from the leftmost one. 

Check the multiplier for the corresponding numbers of symbols shown in the Paytable. 

Payline win is equal to the coefficient multiplied by the bet. Simultaneous wins on different paylines are added. 

Only the highest win per payline is paid.


The overall theoretical return to the player is 96.01%.



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