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Welcome to Andar Nights Game Rules!

Andar Nights is a simple but very addictive 50/50 card game.

Hidden under the cover of the night sky, the charming Madhu waits patiently for brave souls to join her in unraveling the mystery of cards in the Andar Night game.

Madhu will greet you in her best attire and invite them into her room, where cards will decide your destiny. All you need to do is beat her in guessing the position of the winning card.

Accept the challenge and test your fate in Andar Nights.

How to Play?

The objective is to place the correct bet, that is, to guess the winning side.

After you place your bet, the Joker card will be placed in the center of the table. Joker is a random card from the deck. This game using only one standard deck of 52 playing cards.

Further, the cards will be laid out one by one to the left (Andar) and to the right (Bahar) of the Joker. When the same card to the Joker, but of a different suit, is appears from the left or right, the round is over. If you will guess the right side, you will take the winnings.

The winning coefficients for the possible outcomes of the game are displayed in the Paytable tab.


Additional Bet

To win more, place a bet on the suit and face value of the Joker. If you don’t want to risk, then just skip this step by clicking the Deal button.

Basic Bet

The main bet is on Andar or Bahar. You can also choose the bet of 20+, which means that you assume that the same of the Joker card will fall out after the 20th card when dealing.

A similar card to the Joker is a card of the same value, but of different suits.

Press Deal to start the game.


How to Check Provably Fair?

You can check provably fair at any moment by using any kind of SHA-256 hash generator. In order to do this follow these steps:

  1. Open the window with round information in the “History” block
  2. Copy the information from the “Validation string” field, and paste into the “Data” field on the website of any hash generator.
  3. Click the “Generate” button and then you will see a hash code that will match with the hash of your round.


The outcome of the round is random and equally likely for all positions. A random number generator is used to determine positions. 

Return to Player

The overall theoretical return to player is 94.57%-95.28%.

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