32 Cards (KingMaker)

32 cards - king maker

[Basic Rules]

What is 32 Cards?

32 Cards is played with a 32-card deck. Each card has numerical value from 6 to 13. All cards 6 to 10 are using their face value. All Jacks are valued as 11, Queens as 12 and Kings as 13.

32 Cards is a card game based on luck, inspired by Andar Bahar. It is played with a deck of 32 cards and 4 bet options, with the goal being to bet on an option with the highest score. Each bet option starts with one card by default, with an additional card added only after a bet has been placed on it.
Players may place bets on the 3 bet options (not allowed to bet on all four bet options). 

All of the Aces, Twos, Threes, Fours and Fives have been removed, leaving 32 cards in the deck.


There are four bet options on the table. Each option has a default card valued from 8 to 11.

The score for each option = default card + additional card.
After your bet is placed, the dealer will deal ani additional card to each option. The value of each option is then calculated, with the highest scoring value being the winner.


Player 08 receives a 10 : Value is 8+10=18
Player 09 receives a 6 : Value is 9+6=15
Player 10 receives a J : Value is 10+11=21
Player 11 receives a Q : Value is 11+12=23

In this example, Player 11 has the highest value. This means you win the game round if you had betted on Player 11.


If two or more bet options have identical scores, the dealer will continue to deal cards until one wins.

In this example, Player 10 has the highest value. That means you win the game round if you had betted
on Player 10.


Bet optionsPayoutBonus payout
Player 81:111:14
Player 91:4.51:5.7
Player 101:2.21:2.7
Player 111:11:1.3


Lightning Bonus!

A bonus lightning symbol will appear every round and strike on a random bet option. If it lands on your winning bet, you get a higher payout!
32 card-7

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