100 Pok Deng (Rich 88)

100 Pok Deng


Game Type
Chess Game  Rich 88

Basic rules

  • Use a set of cards with 2 jokers removed, a total of 52 cards.
  • A total of 4 player betting points (Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds), players can bet at any betting
  • When the game begins, the banker and the player will each deal 2 cards and wait for the draw to
    compare cards.
  • The card types of all betting points are only compared with the banker, and the players do not compare between players.
  • After comparing the cards, the winner can win the prize according to the odds of “Winning Card Type”.

Card type introduction

card type introduction

Basic rules

  • Use a set of cards with 2 jokers removed, a total of 52 cards.

Type size ranking

  • Type size ranking: Pok > General cards
  • Point ranking: 9 points > 8 points> 7 points> 6 points> 5 points> 4 points> 3 points> 2 points> 1 points> 0 points
  • ※ When the combination are all Pok type, first compare the points, if the points are the same, then compare the combination ranking: Pair Pok > Flush Pok > Pok
  • ※ When the card type is the 2 card flush, and a Pair, they are all general card types. The points are first compared. If the points are the same, then comparing the ranking of combination: 2 card flush > Pair > General cards

Payout Odds

  • After winning the comparison, the prize will be distributed according to “bet amount * winning set odds”

Example of drawing results

Players bet 【Player: Spades】 100, when the banker takes 【General cards】 7 points,【Player: Spades) takes 【Flush Pok】, the Player win with the card type and get a bonus of the bet amount*2, the system will draw 5% of the player at this time, and the player will finally settle and get (100 * 2) * 95% = 190

Table limit instruction

  • When the betting point reaches the upper limit of the bonus limit, there will be a prompt message to explain.
  • When the player places bet successfully, the system will pre-deduct the player’s principal.
  • When the player wins, it is necessary to calculate the player’s bet amount according to the 【Payout Odds】 and pay the corresponding bonuses.

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