American Roulette(AE_PLAY)


Game Type
Chess Game Rich88

“American Roulette” is a classic roulette game with Zero and Double Zero,
The roulette wheel includes 38 numbered sectors: 0,00 and the numbers from 1 to 36. The object of the game is to successfully predict which of the 38 numbered pockets the ball will land in.
If you will push (info), you could see MIN/MAX bet of the table. The game pays the win to the player according to the payout for the winning bet.

How to make a bet?

  • You could see MIN/MAX bet of the sector if will move the pointer on one of them. All bets are made with the help of playing chips.
  • Select a chip value, place your bets, spin the wheel, and wait to see if you have correctly predicted the winning number. Multiply clicks will increase the number of chips of the same value. When the stack reaches a numerical value equal to the next denomination, the chips will automatically change their appearance. For example, the player chose a chip face value of 5 and clicked on the sector 6 times. Total, one chip face value of 25 and one chip face value of 5, and the amount equal to 30.
  • Press the SPIN button for spin the wheel. After pressing the button, the roulette wheel will start to spin and the ball will be thrown into the spinning wheel.
  • The ball passes through an area of deflectors, and falls onto the wheel and into one of 38 colored and numbered pockets on the wheel. When the winning number is announced, all winning bets are paid in accordance with the payout table. Also, the player can spin roulette wheel without making bets.

Inside bets

  • Inside bets – bets made on numbers or on the lines between numbers on the internal area of the table
    Inside bets include the following bets:
    Straight/Single. Bets on any single number, including 0 and 00. Place chips in the center of a number.
    Split. Bets on two adjoining numbers either horizontal or vertical. Place chips on the line dividing the two numbers.
    Street. Bets on a row of three numbers on a single horizontal line (e.g. 7-8-9). Place chips on the edge of chosen row, on the line that separates the inside and outside betting area.
    Corner. Bets on four numbers in a square layout, for example 11-12-14-15. Place chips at the corner where the four numbers meet. Six line. Bets on two adjoining streets. Place chips on the two adjoining three lines, for example 25-30.
    Basket or Five Number. There is only way to make this bet – put chips on the corner of intersection of number 1 and the first Dozen. The bet wins if the ball, falls on any number: 0,00,1,2,3,4.

Outside bets

  • Bets, which are placed outside of the main field of numbers on the betting layout.
  • Outside bets include the following bets:
  • Column. Bets on all 12 numbers on any of the three columns (left, middle, or right). Place chips in the sections marked 2-1 at the end of a column
  • Dozen. Bets on 12 numbers in three consecutive rows. Place chips in the sections marked 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12.
  • Red or Black. Bets on all red (18 numbers) or all black (18 numbers) numbers. Place chips in the boxes holding a red or black diamond. Zero is not considered a red or black number.
  • Odd or Even. Bets on all (18 numbers) even or all (18 numbers) odd numbers, except zero. Place a chip on the box with text ODD or EVEN,
  • Low/High 19-36 (High) or 1-18 (Low). Bets on the first 18 numbers or the high 18 numbers. Place chips in the boxes labelled 1-18 for the low numbers or 19-36 for the high numbers. Zero is excluded from the low numbers.


  • In the top left hand corner you can see the history of 5 last number of pockets the ball was land in
    A more detailed history can be found in the info section,


7 up 7 down

7 Up 7 Down(JILI)

 Game Type



Chess Game JILI

Game Rules

  • This is a simple game that uses only two 6 sided dice and determines its result based on the sum of these two dice.
  • There is a variety of items you can bet on. As long as the sum of your dice matches the item number, you win prizes.
  • If the outcome of any round cannot be determined due to malfunction, the round will be deemed as invalid.

Extra Pay

  • After bets are closed and before the round begins, all bets placed have a chance to trigger Crit, which will increase the maximum payout to 1000X

Bonus Game

  • You will receive a key (which can also be bought directly) by placing minimum bet * 50
  • Keys can be used to open safes you will come across in bonus games
  • Each time you open a safe, you will have a chance to win a bonus of [Minimum bet x random multipler] or [highest] bonus
  • If you receive no bonus from a safe, the highest bonus will increase by [Minimum bet * 1] until the bonus is claimed
  • The bonus you can win from the highest bonus will be no less than [Minimum bet * 50]

Notes on Interface

  • Tap on the chip to change your bet
  • You can use it to change the previous bet you have placed for the current round (except for clearing the bet)
  • Undo all bets for the previous round (this is only available after you have successfully placed your bet in a round)
  • Clear all current bets
  • Multiply all bets placed by 2, but you will not be able to exceed the maximum bet permitted for the prize
  • In multiplyer mode, there will be a time limit for bet placement in each round
  • In single player mode, tap this button to start playing
  • Click on another player’s profile to see the bets placed by that player

Crazy Golden Bank (JILI)


 Game Type



 Slot  JILI



 3 2

 Bonus Game


  1. Payouts of double bet will be placed into the prize pool once activate the bonus game.
  2. Appear img at any position to win the payouts from the prize pool above of reel.
  3. Appear img at any position to win the payouts from the all 3 prize pools above of reels.
  4. Every time imgimg appears, an additional payouts is “bet” x “number of rounds when you win”, that will be placed into the prize pool that will give out the next time win.
    E.g. Bet 200 each rounds, then an additional 600 will be placed into the prize pool when you win at 3rd spin, there is 600 will gives out the next time you win, and so on.
  5. Appears 2 img at any position to get 5 additional spins in the Bonus Game.
  6. Appears 3 img at any position to get 10 additional spins in the Bonus Game.

Main Game

Appear 3 img at any position to activate the bonus game.
Wild substitutes for any symbols, except img img img.
When the Wild symbol forms a winning combination that will definitely gain multipliers x2, x3 or x5 at random.
When the Wild symbol forms a winning combination, the multiplier is Multiply each other(Gain extra x5 for 3 matched Wilds).

Pay Table


Game Rules

  1. Bet line wins pay if in succession starting from the leftmost reel to right according to paytable.
  2. 1 way only to win.
  3. In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of a game to be unclear, that round is considered invalid.

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Crazy Hunter (JILI)

 Game Type



 Slot    JILI



 5  4

 Game Rules

Tap Start to enter the game. Destroy towers to drop the monsters and win prize money.

  1. Winning score = bets X monster payout odds.
  2. Each monster has different payout odds. Player can also win extra bonus effects.
  3. Use the “Next” button to select target to attack!
  4. If the game result cannot be determined due to malfunctioning, the game round will be invalid!

Multiplier prize

 Destroy towers for a chance to win X2, X3 or X5 multiplier!

Destroy towers for a chance to win 5X~15X img!

Ice of Trials

  1. Kill monsters in normal games for a chance to trigger Ice of Trials.
  2. The Ice of Trials has a 60 seconds kill time limit. If the Ice Dragon is killed within the time limit, the chance to get 【High amountimg】.
  3. An Ice Pillar of any color will randomly drop during the Ice Dragon field.

img– X2~X3
img– X4~X7
img– X8~X15

Gold Treasure Hold

  1. Player who kills img has a chance to get img and enter the Gold Treasure Hold.
  2. In the Gold Treasure Hold, player can get 5 base free rounds. Player can also win extra [Free Rounds] in the process, up to 10 rounds. The game will end when the remaining rounds reaches 0.
  3. Player can use the [Scatter Cannon] in the Treasure Hold; press down to shoot and attack all monsters on the field.
  4. Kill monsters for a chance to get img; use Soul Crystals to hit the multiplier towers for a chance to increase multiplier, up to 10X, which is added to the total score during tallying.
  5. In the Gold Treasure Hold, player cannot switch bets or give up targets.

Free Golden Boar Game

  1. Kill monsters in normal games for a chance to trigger [Golden Boar Game].
  2. In a Golden Boar Game, player can get [Freeimg]. Destroy the Golden Boar to win big prizes.
  3. During a Golden Boar Game, player cannot switch bets or give up targets!

Function Monsters

  1. Kill img in normal game for a chance to trigger [Bomb Attack].
  2. Please refer to the Payout Table for details; up to 40X.
  1. Kill img in normal game for a chance to trigger [Whole Field Fireball Attack].
  2. Get Fire Crystal img and kill monsters with fireballs for a chance to win img. Crash the Fire Crystals for a chance to win X2, X3 or X5 multipliers, which will be added to the total score during tallying.
Cannon Mode
  1. Use 3X bets amount to turn on the Cannon Mode during normal games or Ice Dragon Trials.
  2. Cannon Mode can significantly increases winning rate!
  3. Player can switch bet amounts and betting modes freely during the game.
  4. Cannot be used in Golden Boar Games or in Gold Treasure Hold.
  5. Scoring for Cannon Mode = bets X monster payout odds/3.

Free Mayhem Missile

  1. Fire shots to gain Energy. When Energy is full, click the Energy button img to fire five Mayhem Missiles at the targets on the board or at the Ice Dragon.
  2. The amount of Energy you earn when firing missiles scales with the amount of your current bets. After firing Mayhem Missiles, your Energy is reset.
  3. Your Energy is reset 24 hours after you leave the game or disconnect from the game.
  4. You automatically fire Mayhem Missiles 3 minutes after you’ve earned max Energy.



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