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What is Return to Player(RPT) in Casinos?

What is RTP in Casino?

In this article we are going to take a look at an acronym that not enough casino players pay attention to. What exactly does ‘RTP’ mean, and why should you konw it?

If you enjoy a little action at the casino, playing the slots, or any other online casino games, it’s important to understand what RTP – Return To Player – means and why it varies so much from game to game.

Every time you play a game in a casino, the odds are stacked against you. Before you start crying foul, let’s examine this a little more rationally. Can you imagine one casino game where the players had the edge over the casino? If that were the case, all of us would ignore the other games or slots and play that profitable one instead.

Each of us would begin to turn a profit, which we would all think is marvelous until, that is, the casino closes down, which it would do in a matter of weeks.

How else can it pay for the property or online platform? Give all their staff a salary? Invest in new entertainment and marketing? Of course, it needs to make a profit to do all of this, and that’s why there is a house edge.

No matter if you play blackjack, roulette, slots, baccarat, or video poker, the casino has an advantage. That’s not to say you can’t win on a given day or week. But if you were to play continuously, then the house edge kicks you in the butt.

The Fee to Play

Let’s use a slot RTP of 94% as an example. For every £100 you wager on the game, you can expect a return of £94. The house will keep £6 of your money. In simple terms, it’s the fee you pay for playing the game.

Of course: this is an average of payout percentages, calculated in the long term. You could play a slot machine and win a jackpot on your first spin. Alternatively, you could roll the reels for hours and win nothing.

Under the rules and regulations of the Gambling Commission, online casino game suppliers must monitor the performance of their games to ensure they meet the performance requirements. The games are subject to an annual audit and businesses face sanctions if they break the rules.

If you are playing at a reputable online casino, operating to the stringent Gambling Commission rules, you can rest assured that the RTP is accurate. The performance RTP must match the theoretical RTP. After a million plays, the margin of RTP error must be 1.09760% or less.

Seek Out a High RTP

There is a basic lesson here: if you want to increase your chance of walking away from the casino with some chips in your pocket, choose a game with a high RTP. It’s that simple.

Roulette is the perfect game to highlight how the casino business model works.

There are 36 numbers on a Roulette table but there are 37 slots on the wheel. If you bet a single number, and it wins, you get 35 to 1. A winning £10 bet would net you £350 plus your initial stake back: a total of £360. If you bet odd/even or red/black, the odds are 50/50.

Of course, we must not forget the green zero.

This single number represents the house profit on a Roulette table. When it hits, all bets lose – excluding bets on the zero. Without the zero, a Roulette table would never make either a profit or a loss. The same pool of money would simply ebb and flow between the casino and the players.

Romancing Roulette – Stay Single
For the record: a single zero Roulette table RTP is 97.3%. If you are in Las Vegas, and playing an American double zero table, the RTP is 94.74%. So why would you play on an American table if you are playing online? Seek out European Roulette instead for much better value!

So… the simple question is, what online casino games offer players the best RTP? The short answer is Blackjack. However, there are a few online slots that come very close. Ugga Bugga from Playtech, has an RTP of 99.07% making it one of the highest paying games out there. Also, contenders are Rainbow Riches (98%) and Mega Joker (99%).

If you play single deck Blackjack, using basic strategy, you can enjoy a RTP of about 99.5%. But – be careful, lots of micro rules within the game can shift the RTP both for and against the player. If the dealer stands on a soft 17, the player RTP increases by 0.22%. The key is to know the game and stick to the rules.

It is important to remember that gambling is a form of recreation that comes at a cost. The RTP is a reminder that – in the long run – it’s impossible to beat the house. You must play to your limits, accept the cost, enjoy those winners, and walk away when the time is right.

philippines on track to be Asia market leader

Philippines on track to be Asia market leader in 2022

Gross gambling revenue from licensed casinos in the Philippines jumped more than 29 percent in 1Q22, confirming predictions that the country will be one of the best-performing markets in Asia going forward.

The majority of the first quarter income came from properties in Manila’s Entertainment City, while casinos in Clark made up around 9 percent of this GGR number and those from Fiesta made up 0.8 percent.
Total industry GGR reached P39.2 billion, rising from P30.0 billion in the prior-year period and P34.5 billion in 4Q21.
The country is one of the few markets in Asia where locals are allowed to gamble and prior to the crisis the economy had been one of the fastest-growing in the region.

“The recovery will be very strong and we expect the GGR to be coming back to 2019 levels by 2023,” said Scott Feeney, executive director of GCG Gaming Advisory Services. “The Philippines offers the perfect broad range of the three gaming destinations of Manila, Clark and Cebu, each having its own diverse attractions and having the locals and the Koreans as its main markets, which as we can see now is far more advantageous than Macau or Vietnam, which are heavily reliant on the Chinese.”

Feeney predicts the Philippines will match Singapore in terms of GGR next year and will potentially overtake it the following to become the second-largest market in Asia.

“The Philippines offers better value hotel, retail and food & beverage offerings than Singapore and in terms of pure gaming Manila, Clark and Cebu could all be visited in one 5-6 day trip offering 9-10 major integrated resorts as opposed to Singapore’s two,” he said.

After a slow start to the year due to the spread of Omicron, the Philippines opened its borders to international travelers in mid-February. The casinos were allowed to open without restrictions from March.

Daily arrivals doubled from 5,000 before February to 12,000 by end-March, according to the Philippines Bureau of Immigration (BIR).

Despite the open borders, operators and market watchers are expecting the majority of demand to come from the domestic market this year due to ongoing flight disruptions and a patchwork of different quarantine and testing requirements on return.

“As alert levels were reduced and travel restrictions were eased, we saw a gradual pick up in business,” said David Lawrence, general manager, casino, at Thunderbird Resorts, which operates two regional properties. “This was particularly noticeable when Alert Level 1 was announced.”

He said so far the response from the international market has been limited.

“We are seeing a slow response in this area but as with other operators we expect this to increase as flight schedules are ramped up and respective country restrictions are also eased.”

The Philippines got a new president in early May after six years under President Rodrigo Duterte, who performed numerous U-turns when it came to the gaming industry. He came to power declaring his hatred for gambling, issuing a moratorium on new casino licenses in 2018 and shaking up the online industry.

However, Covid forced a change of heart as the government sought ways to replenish depleted coffers. He lifted his moratorium and approved an omni-channel model of online gambling, which allowed the country’s casinos and gaming platforms to offer products online. It is the only jurisdiction in Asia to do so.

At the time of writing, the incoming administration of Ferdinand Marco Jnr has not set out its policies towards the industry, although he is believed to be business-friendly and no red flags have been raised.

If he stays the course, foreign investment interest in the Philippines is likely to remain strong.

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How bitcoin opened up a new online gambling casino world

How Bitcoin Opened up a New Online Gambling Casino World

As blockchain technology advances, there are more and more options for its application.

People who follow the gambling industry closely have known for some time that blockchain technology is creeping in. This has most commonly been seen in online casinos accepting Bitcoin and other blockchain-based cryptocurrencies for transactions. However, there are likely to be many other ways that the technology will shake things up and streamline the online casino experience.

According to a recent report from Fortune Business Insights, blockchain is being increasingly employed by online casinos to upgrade security protocols. There has also been a rise in start-ups creating online casino platforms that are powered by blockchain.

How do blockchain casinos work?

Blockchain technology provides a high level of encryption. Every transaction is added to the ledger, which is an immutable block of data, and verified by a decentralised blockchain network. Transactions take place directly between crypto-wallets, prohibiting the involvement of a third party, so it minimises the possibility of fraud and eliminates the need to pay a commission for the transfer. The transparency and security of decentralised public records are a huge selling point for many players.

In crypto casinos, blockchain technology is used at the development stage, allowing automated payments using smart contracts. On the other hand, more and more gambling sites are accepting payments in cryptocurrencies alongside existing fiat currencies. This gives them the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

How bitcoin opened up a new online gambling casino world

Why do players and operators like crypto casinos?

Players are drawn to crypto casinos by the security and transparency as well, but they also value the speed, anonymity, and decentralisation.

Furthermore, crypto casinos often feature smart contracts, which automate payments, and provable fairness, which automatically verifies the results of a game. For many players, this definitely creates a heightened sense of trust.

The future of online casino clearly includes the trend towards the adoption of bitcoin as a means of payment and deposit. So, the demand for blockchain casino development will be relevant in the long term.

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The Philippines Rises As Asia’s Casino Capital

The gambling industry in gambling meccas is slowing down because of many factors. The rise of online casinos is competing with the influence of land-based gambling. Experts believe that online gambling will surpass traditional casinos in the future.

Casino gambling remains one of the most popular entertainments in Asia. The region has a long history of gambling, and it is part of many Asian nations’ cultures. Many Asian nations allowed the operations of casinos. The industry contributed to many countries’ growth since it provides tax revenue and job opportunities for the people. The Philippines is one of the nations with the most active casino industry. Gambling facilities are spread across the country, showing the rich gambling culture of the nation.

Asia’s future casino gambling hub

Gambling in the Philippines is part of its culture. Trade and colonization introduced gambling to Filipinos, and the hobby was passed on to generations. Cockfights and card games were the favorites in the Philippines.
Casino gambling rapidly spread across the country because of the love of the Filipino to gambling.

The Philippine government allowed casinos to operate because of the industry’s potential as a contributor to economic growth.

Some of the biggest names in the land-based casino industry have operations in Asia, and gamblers from all over Southeast Asia visit the Philippines and enjoy its casinos. Manila and Cebu host some of the best land-based casinos in the region.

The casinos in the country attracted people who wanted a fantastic casino experience. The best performers in the region perform in the casinos, which is added to the gambling facilities’ attractions.

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Right move to legalize gambling

The Philippines’s gambling industry is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, a government-owned and controlled corporation. The regulating body’s sole purpose was to collect revenue for the country. Legalizing the casino industry is one of the best ways to collect funds.

The floating casino in Manila Bay, established in 1977, was the first legal casino in the country. However, the casino burned down after two years. The following years, small casinos operating in the country and privately-owned casinos, e-games cafés, and bingo shops were given licenses by 2007, and, ever since, the gambling industry saw massive growth.

Macau was the biggest competitor of casinos in the Philippines. However, it was found out that many Chinese nationals are visiting the country to gamble. China banned all gambling types in the mainland, and Macau was the only territory to allow casinos.

Online casinos hosted by the Philippines are popular in China, contributing $4.1 billion in revenue for the country. The figure increased exponentially within three years.

Online Gambling Market Growth & Trends

The global online gambling market size is expected to reach USD 153.6 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 11.7% from 2022 to 2030, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The growing consumer inclination toward betting apps and the introduction of the freemium model in online gambling are the major factors expected to drive market growth in the upcoming years.

The increased smartphone and internet penetration and easy access to casino gaming platforms is positively influencing the market statistics. Moreover, the availability of cost-effective betting applications is expected to favor the market growth over the forecast period. According to the data published by the New York state government, over 650,000 individual accounts were created on mobile betting apps in 2021.

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